Do not store your sugar scrubs in the bathroom.  Most bathroom environments are warm and moist which can make the product spoil and will also decrease its shelf life.  Sugar scrubs should be used within 2 months of purchase.

Body butters should be used within 6 months of purchase.

Use a small spoon or spatula to scoop out the sugar scrub.  This will reduce the likelihood of introducing bacteria from your skin into the jar.

Do not store your body butter or sugar scrub in your car for temperatures greater than about 60 degrees.  The product will melt and lose its desired consistency.

If your body butter accidentally melts, you can refrigerate it and it will return to solid form.  To regain the original, whipped consistency, put the solid butter into a blender or use a hand mixer.

To treat callouses on your feet or hands, wash them as usual with a mild soap or Mangori moisturizing body wash. Then apply a scoop of sugar scrub and gently massage the area for about 2 minutes.  Use a pumice stone or metal foot scraper on the calloused areas.  Pat dry and finish with the body butter.

When using the body wash, using a loofah or bath sponge allows you to use a lot less product than a traditional wash cloth.

I do not recommend that you use the body wash on your face because it contains castile soap which really burns if it gets into your eyes. If this happens, flush your eyes with water immediately.