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Thoughts for Today

I've been on a journey since last January when one of my best friends finally convinced me to turn my hobby of making whipped body butter into a "side gig." I resisted this for months out of fear--fear of success and fear of failure. But as another friend of mine used to say, "I ain't no punk." I thought about all the other thriving, nationally recognized businesses I've seen which all started as a little idea or a hobby. Why not me? So I took a little leap and signed up as a vendor at a Valentine's Day Pop-up along with about 8 other entrepreneurs. I asked God to show me if this was His will for me. I asked Him to "bless me indeed" and came up with what, at the time, was an outrageous amount in gross sales--$300. I made a little beyond that amount and all I was selling was body butter. I hadn't created any other products yet.

So I kept going with monthly vending events and God kept on blessing. I learned about a fellow doc, Draion Burch, who had taken his medical training to a whole other level and is now a millionaire. He teaches a course (called Medical Moguls) to other docs, helping them to find their passion and use their expertise to create wealth for themselves and be free of the limitations of traditional medicine. I signed up for the course.

Lord, I wasn't ready! When the course began I had just closed on my house and had all these grand ideas about how I was gonna renovate it and make it my own. Clearly I had been watching too much HGTV. All of my savings went towards the down payment and I was "house poor." Praise God for a good paying job and time! But I was pressed! This course is far more demanding than I could have ever imagined and has stretched me far beyond what I thought I was capable of. Most of the time I feel absolutely overwhelmed. You know how people say that you should never be the smartest person in the room? And if you're the smartest of your friends, you need new friends? Well every week in this class I feel like Fred Sandford's "Big Dummy." The people in this class are straight up BADASS! They are doing incredible things: brand ambassadorships, spokespeople, coaching programs, television medical experts. The list goes on and on.

I comparison, I feel very small, like I haven't accomplished very much. But I know that God has placed some dreams in my heart and I have gifts that the world needs. So I'm just gonna keep plugging away at my own pace. I'm on a mission to heal the world, one wound at a time. I'm going to help people take better care of their skin and wounds. I'm going to put a stop to all the unnecessary amputations that occur every day.

Today I had a meeting with my web designer/business consultant/marketing and branding guru Stacey, from SMP Creative, and it was fantastic. She is just so helpful and knows how to do all the things that I don't. (I'm functionally illiterate on the computer). She is excited about my business and it's potential and well, I just can't say enough good things about her. She had another meeting after ours and I met her next client and instantly loved her too. We sat there talking about all these joint ventures we could create with Stacey right there directing us on the steps we need to take to make it happen. I'm excited just thinking about it. It's times like this when I feel God all over me and hear Him whispering that my time is coming. I'm in the right place and I'm doing the right thing.

Thanks for reading this long post. I just felt like sitting down and penning my thoughts to paper. I hope this helps somebody. You don't have to be perfect to be of service. God can use you right where you are.

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